What advantages does wemuse have?

Increase sales and margin
Reduce leftover
Showroom 2.0
Instant feedback
Discover talent
wemuse learns over time

Showroom 2.0

Many of our habits have changed during the pandemic. We have learned that business travels are not essential any more. Get feedback and study how does your team rate your new collection from anywhere in the world with wemuse. You can reduce costs and take the right decisions considering your employee's feedback.

wemuse in 4 steps


Quickly and easily share detailed product information with your team, worldwide.

Receive their rating

Team members instantly receiveproduct details and photos and can rate them anytime, anywhere.

Get results

Instantly receive all updated statistics and results on your mobile.

Improve your product selection

Check your wemuse website for complete product and team information. Compare team members' product evaluations against actual sales results, and discover who can spot the best products!

Some of the testimonies of our clients

With wemuse we get instant feedback from store teams for our entire collection.
Eva Robles - Planning and Distribution Manager at Brownie
Wemuse has been a very useful tool to gather feedback from our Sales Department. Having this information is key for taking decisions about our new collection with Product and Purchasing department. It is an app very intuitive and very easy to use
Sílvia Banús, Product & Buyer Director at Woodys Barcelona
Wemuse is a key tool for decision making. At the click of a button and in real time, you can find out the preferences and tastes of your target audience. What more could you want?
Teresa Villar, Lifestyle Category Manager at Fútbol Emotion

Available for iOS and Android, download now!

The first application designed specifically for product selection.

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