What advantages does wemuse have?

Increase sales and margin
Reduce the excess product
wemuse learn over time
Instant feedback
Discover talent
Receive proposals

Showroom 2.0

Durante la pandemia muchos de nuestros hábitos han cambiado. La pandemia nos ha enseñado que viajar no es imprescindible. Recibe y analiza cómo tu equipo valora las nuevas colecciones desde cualquier punto del mundo con wemuse. Reduce tus costes y toma decisiones acertadas teniendo en cuenta el feedback de tu equipo.

wemuse in 4 steps


Show your employees around the world your articles and all the information you want quickly and easily.

Receive their rating

Your employees immediately receive the photo and characteristics of the item and rate it at any time and place.

Get the results

Receive instantly all updated statistics with the results on your mobile.

Improve your product selection

Check the web of wemuse the complete information of all your products and all your users. Compare the received evaluations with the actual sales results, check how wemuse is correct in your predictions and you will be able to detect the users with the best commercial sense.

Some of the testimonies of our clients

With wemuse we get instant feedback from store teams for our entire collection.
Eva Robles - Planning and Distribution Manager at Brownie
Wemuse has been a very useful tool to gather feedback from our Sales Department. Having this information is key for taking decisions about our new collection with Product and Purchasing department. It is an app very intuitive and very easy to use
Sílvia Banús, Product & Buyer Director at Woodys Barcelona

Available for iOS and Android, download it!

The first application designed specifically for product selection.

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