What advantages does wemuse have?

Increase sales and margin
Reduce leftover
wemuse learns over time
Instant feedback
Discover talent
Receive proposals

wemuse in 4 steps


Quickly and easily share detailed product information with your team, worldwide.

Receive their rating

Team members instantly receiveproduct details and photos and can rate them anytime, anywhere.

Get results

Instantly receive all updated statistics and results on your mobile.

Improve your product selection

Check your wemuse website for complete product and team information. Compare team members' product evaluations against actual sales results, and discover who can spot the best products!

Some of the testimonies of our clients

With wemuse we get instant feedback from store teams for our entire collection.
Eva Robles - Planning and Distribution Manager at Brownie
Wemuse has been a very useful tool to gather feedback from our Sales Department. Having this information is key for taking decisions about our new collection with Product and Purchasing department. It is an app very intuitive and very easy to use
Sílvia Banús, Product & Buyer Director at Woodys Barcelona

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The first application designed specifically for product selection.
About us

About us

The founders of wemuse are Iván Abad and Luis Clavell. We live in Barcelona and met while studying for a Master’s in 2014. One afternoon four years later, on a terrace in our neighborhood in Eixample, we decided to go from friends to partners and we went on to found Juniper Barcelona SL, the company that develops wemuse. Our goal was, and still is, to provide value to companies through our app, to learn and grow professionally, and to enjoy the experience every day, working with people who share our values.

Wemuse was born from an idea resulting from Iván's experience in retail and product management, from Luis's experience in launching and developing startups, and from our shared passion for people and technology.

We founded the company in mid-2018 having closed the first round of funding very quickly, thanks to the fact that many people supported us in this project, and started to develop the app we had in mind. In January 2019 we launched wemuse. That first month we already had our first client, and since then we have not stopped working, improving the app and looking for new customers, with a very clear mission:

Wemuse founders

Iván Abad
Wemuse Co-Founder
Iván has developed his career in retail for more than 15 years, in the areas of international retail and product management, and has been part of the executive committee of one of the world's leading fast-fashion companies. He is currently CEO of a leading omnichannel sports retail company.
He is co-founder and responsible for product development at wemuse.
Luis Clavell
Wemuse CEO and Co-Founder
Luis has devoted most of his career to the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector, in the areas of international management and business management in Iberia and Latin America.
In the last three years he has worked in the technology / startup sector as co-founder and head of business development in different startups.
He is currently CEO and head of business development at wemuse.

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